Crafters of Quasar

We Don't Know Where the Architect Went, So Let's Build This City According To My Will!

In the far future, a team of androids is sent to a distant planet.

Their mission: Build a colony city before the human settlers arrive on the next ship.

But one day, their leader, the Architect, is nowhere to be found...

Gather your team of android grunts, stock up on the miracle resource 'Quon', and outwit your fellow Overseers! The future of the city is in your hands.

Crafters of Quasar is a casual worker placement game in which players take their turns simultaneously, visiting locations to gather resources or complete tasks. Combat between characters (when they meet each other at the same location) is handled by a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors system.

Crafters of Quasar is designed, illustrated and written by myself with some help from my wife. It debuted in the Winter Comic Market 2019 in Tokyo.

Players: 2-4

Ages: 12 and up

Play Time: 15-30 minutes

Languages: English, Japanese

Aman Tanpa Buli

(Peaceful Without Bullies)

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School X has been plagued by bullying problems, which has caused many of the students there to change schools. Four students: Alif, Siva, Wani, and Mei Ying, have become the latest targets of bullies. They need witnesses to their incidents. Will the other students stand up for them or watch passively, or even become the victims themselves?

Aman Tanpa Buli is an educational game designed to teach young children about identifying symptoms of bullying and how to help those in need. The game consists of six different Missions. Five of the six Missions are cooperative: Players will have to communicative effectively to score the most points and succeed in preventing bullies from taking over the school.

For Aman Tanpa Buli, I did the illustrations for all the cards and components, as well as writing the English and Chinese translations for the cards and play manual.

Players: 2-6

Ages: 5 and up

Play Time: 10-60 minutes

Languages: Malay, English, Chinese

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Merchants of Melaka

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