I am an illustrator and comic artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since young I've been doodling dinosaurs and heroes with spiky hair, though it's only until 2017 that I decided to quit my teaching job and go full-time in art. 

Magic: the Gathering has been a big part of my life since I started playing in 1999. Since then, I've become a Level 2 Judge, and have judged in 12 GPs across six countries as of 2017. I started making MTG tokens in 2014, and have been giving away tokens at GPs since GP Chiba 2015. In late 2016 I was involved in the Judge Tokens project.

My first comic project, Tales of the Twelve Stars, is a collaboration with Albert Lim, a writer also from Kuala Lumpur. It has run a successful Indiegogo campaign and debuts at Comic Fiesta 2017.


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